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Various Artists - Alice In Chains - Dirt (Redux) Vinyl 2-LP Gatefold | Black

10.06.2022 Item #: MER073LP/B3 Magnetic Eye Records

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The latest volume in Magnetic Eye’s Redux Series revisits one of the milestones of the grunge era, in which an array of artists from across the doom and stoner metal underground re-imagine Alice in Chains’ nightmare of drug-seeking impulses and inner darkness, Dirt.

Comparisons between grunge and the development of sludgy stoner metal can be traced most clearly to this album, a milestone that cemented the cultural shift from vapid early 90s hair metal into something more raw, grimey and real as the preeminent style of popular heavy music.

Dirt Redux features the entirety of the classic album covered and reinvigorated from end-to-end by scene heavyweights and rising stars, including Khemmis, Thou, -(16)-, Howling Giant, Forming the Void, The Otolith (ex-SubRosa) and more.

Available as:
Digisleeve CD
Limited edition yellow/red marble vinyl
Limited edition blue vinyl
Limited edition transparent yellow vinyl

01. THOU - Them Bones
02. LOW FLYING HAWKS - Dam That River
03. HIGH PRIEST - Rain When I Die
04. KHEMMIS - Down in a Hole
05. THESE BEASTS - Sickman
06. HOWLING GIANT - Rooster
07. FORMING THE VOID - Junkhead
08. SOMNURI - Dirt
10. BLACK ELECTRIC - Iron Gland
11. - (16) - Hate to Feel
12. VOKONIS - Angry Chair
13. THE OTOLITH - Would?

Gatefold 2LP (black vinyl) in die-cut O-Card, incl. padded inner sleeves and etching on side D

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