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Horsehunter - Day Of Doom Live CD Digisleeve | MER081

11.12.2020 Item #: MER081 Magnetic Eye Records

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Magnetic Eye Records present a blistering live document of their flagship band HORSEHUNTER destroying onstage at the "Day of Doom" label showcase at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar.

This once-in-a-lifetime gathering was held in November 2019 to celebrate MER’s first decade. It featured nine roster acts performing back-to-back, with the four headline sets captured live by Chris Johnson (DEAFHEAVEN, SUMMONER) to commemorate the event as a set of exclusive live albums.

HORSEHUNTER's furious, multi-movement sludge separates them from a world of bands that are content to simply pummel, as they range from soft and sinister to unbound aggression half a dozen times in the course of a single song. The Australian's 2015 album "Caged in Flesh" and the self-titled 2019 follow-up present monumental, carefully-constructed epics that may as well have been created to carry fans of SLEEP and NEUROSIS blissfully to Valhalla.

"Day of Doom Live" presents the foursome delivering their crushing brand of music that The Obelisk simply calls, “brutal as shit,” in a special live setting, burning down the metaphorical stage, and branding those who hear it with the mark of true enlightenment.

Available as:
• Digisleeve CD
• Limited edition dark brown vinyl
• Worldwide edition classic black vinyl
• 4CD Hardcover Artbook feat. all 4 live albums from Horsehunter, Elephant Tree, Domkraft, and Summoner

1. Bring Out Yer Dead (live)
2. Nuclear Rapture (live)
3. Witchery (live)
4. Stoned to Death (live)

- Digisleeve CD

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